When you know it’s really over……

Well she finally pushed her way completely out the door. Guys and girls, when you don’t want to see, kiss, or screw him or her (no matter how physically hot they are) it is time to move on. No hard feelings, we tried, it was a great run. Is that enough cliches for you. So, instead of going all psycho domestic violence on her, I CHILLED…….. And now here I am in my relaxed happy place typing and jazzing it out to what I hope will be a meaningful and long standing relationship with all you.  Also I’d like to thank all of you who happened to sift through the Internet rubble and happen to land here:

A place where everyone learns from each other, the BULLSHIT BARRIERS truly come down and there JUDGEMENT OF OTHERS is PROHIBITED.

For those that hit me, thanks for reading.  We will get better everyday and the topics will be HOT and all over the board.

I will be back later tonight, just gotta do some background work.


See Ya, B